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The main advantages and brand values ​​that we have in Benmayor dental division are:

  • 50 years of experience
  • Own technical service in Spain
  • Best value for money in the dental sector

Company founded in 1967 by Mr. Gabriel Benmayor Lombroso. Focused in its beginnings to the manufacture of machinery for the production of jewelery and jewelery, it expanded borders, two years later, to enter the electronics market, specifically in the design, manufacture and inspection of printed circuits.

With forty five years of experience, marketing and manufacturing its own products, it is a leader in Spain in both sectors and has expanded its expansion internationally through a wide network of distributors, entering markets such as North America and the Middle East and , of course, throughout the European Community.

Subsequently, and always with a view to the future, it once again expanded its horizons, entering an interesting market with as many possibilities as solar energy, where a significant penetration in the market has already been achieved. A little later and taking advantage of the knowledge and technology applied to the manufacture of small and medium jewelery machinery, a new Dental Division is created, in order to access this new Sector from the perspective of an experienced manufacturer.

The fundamental reason for penetrating this market was the great synergies between the dental prosthesis laboratories and the jewelery workshops. At the beginning of 2011 Gabriel Benmayor SA acquires the production unit of Aismalibar SA as well as all its goodwill, incorporating a large part of its technical staff. With this corporate acquisition, Gabriel Benmayor SA consolidates its position as the leader in the supply of laminates for electronics and positions itself as the only European manufacturer specializing in aluminum-based IMS lamination for the manufacture of printed circuits.

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